You are AMAZING! Thank you for supporting both our ongoing activities in Romania and the appeal we made for work with Ukrainian refugees in March 2022. We set a target of £10,000 for the Ukraine appeal and you more than doubled it in contributions – over £20,000 came in. When we made the appeal we were seeing a constant stream of people fleeing war and passing the door of our community house in Podriga, North East Romania. In partnership with the Deaf Association of Botosani County we responded to Ukrainians crossing the border with special needs. Drawing on our experience of 30 years we have provided essential transport, heating and groceries for temporary housing, eye tests, dental treatment, medical care, and time – time to listen, time to treat people as individuals. Most of the Ukrainians whose stories can be found in the news stories on this website have now moved on. They’ve found work and housing in Romanian cities, or gone to join family further west in Europe. Some have managed to return to Ukraine as the war there has shifted and some areas have become quieter. We are continuing local support to about a dozen people whose health needs are the most serious, alongside our traditional work with Romanians. Your donations are making all this possible. Дякую!  Vă mulțumesc!  THANK YOU!

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